The Nuts and Bolts of Professional Home Staging

In professionally Staged Homes®, it’s important to stay away from themes—remember, the potential buyer needs to be able to envision their furniture and home accessories in the space, not yours. By staying away from themes, you keep the focus where it needs to be: on the house, not the things inside it. The key principle to keep in mind when professionally Staging® a home is that this is house’s chance to make a first impression. A theme that a potential buyer doesn’t like can leave them with a negative impression of the space, whereas keeping the room design neutral and open to interpretation invites buyers to daydream, mentally “moving into” the space and forming an emotional connection to the space.

Color and art are two important considerations in staging technique—choose relaxing colors and a fresh coat of paint to evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility. After all, you want the buyers to envision your home as their place to relax and enjoy life. Pieces of art, likewise, should be neutral and picked with the intent of accenting the room—not being the room’s focal point—because the art isn’t what you’re selling! Subtle pieces or mirrors, arranged tastefully around the rooms of your home, should draw attention to the features of the space—a painting over the fireplace, an accent piece flanking a bay window, a window dressing that highlights French doors, and so on. Likewise, sellers (and buyers!) may also want to invest in cabinetry or home design that allows the television to be concealed from view. By simply hiding the television set from view, it makes the features of any room its focal point and promotes the space as an oasis of calm.

Does your house have a room that seems to be a catch-all for clutter? By engaging Lisa Loveless’s services as an ASP®, you’ve got a competitive edge on other sellers in your area. Lisa’s keen eye for detail, creative panache and problem-solving attitude can help you re-purpose that room from an unfocused area that collects “stuff” into a specialty room that adds value to your home that you didn’t even know was there! Home libraries, attic closets, personal gyms, luggage rooms, rumpus rooms, butler’s pantries, conservatories and porte cocheres are all stylish ideas for re-purposing space in rooms that seem to collect clutter that add both dollar value and a unique feature to your home, making it stand out to buyers and helping it sell quickly for its maximum value.