Maplewood, Missouri is a picturesque suburb of St. Louis and if filled with amenities that people from all over the area come to enjoy. Crestwood home owners enjoy where they live immensely, due to the close proximity to the city, while being a more family friendly community than the bustling St. Louis.

When you bring up Maplewood to anyone in St. Louis county, they will automatically think of the Schlafly Bottleworks. Located in the heart of Maplewood, Schlafly Bottleworks is a branch of the famous St. Louis Breweries. They offer a free tour of the entire brewery that provides very fascinating and informative facts about the creation of their delicious and unique beer. Maplewood home owners return here for the great beer, organic food, and on occasion have live music playing. The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly, featuring an extremely accomodating staff. To learn more, click here.

Another place that has everyone buzzing is Reed’s American Table. They serve fresh American cuisine with a menu that is changing all the time. They are known for their cornbread and amazing atmosphere. Maplewood home owners come here for the fantastic food, fun drinks, and a great time. Click here to learn more information about Reed’s.

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