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When going to purchase our new home, we were looking into an area that we were not completely familiar with. Lisa was extremely helpful in getting us into as many homes in the area to fully understand what our buying power in that area was. She was in constant contact and would set up showings within the hour, if needed! We looked at a lot of houses over a few weeks span and everytime we would start to get frustrated, Lisa was there to pick us up and show us the newest house to hit the market. She was constantly lifting our spirits and making sure we felt comfortable through the process. She never pushed us in one direction or another but did make sure that we were making a great financial desicion. There is no doubt that we will use Lisa to purchase our next home and highly recommend her to anyone! - vhockey06

My Wife and I were in a situation in which we were unsure that we would be able to sell our home. After speaking with Lisa we decided to have her take a look and discuss what our options were. We were extremely skeptical up until the minute she walked in the door. She was very matter of fact and helped us come to our decision without trying to force us into a situation that would make us uncomfortable. We felt confident through the entire process and we were able to sell our home before the average time on market. I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone and will definately be using her in the future! - user34187226

Lisa was a pleasure to work with from day one. She was always available to answer question and she communicated every part of the process and how it would work. Lisa follows up even after the sale to make sure you are satisfied and happy with your home. In my case, there were still some loose ends and she never made me feel like the deal was done and her job was over. I would highly recommend her for your real estate purchase or sale. You will not be disappointed choosing her. - bobchiarelli1

We really enjoyed working with Lisa Loveless to buy our primary home! She knows the market, knows the area well, has alot of experience, and speaks the truth. Without her guidance, we would've ended up in an area and home we wouldn't have been happy with in the long term. She knew what was important to us and helped guide us in the right direction even when we started to give up hope - I highly recommend her. She will make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. This is a realtor you can trust has your best interests in mind. - denisenn

Lisa Loveless was just outstanding in listing and selling my home. She was very knowledgeable about the area due to her extensive initial research and was vigilant about offering our home at a competitive price. I was grateful for her assistance in staging our property to its best advantage. Overall, she was enthusiastic, professional, available to answer questions, give guidance and conclude a successful sale. I would highly recommend Lisa Loveless for your real estate needs. - user5663571

Lisa was our agent to sell our home and help purchase our new home. She was an outstanding real estate agent in both areas. Her eye to help transform our home made it look fantastic and set it apart from other homes in our area allowing us to sell quickly. When looking for our new home, she provided the perfect amount of input on the area and potential resale value to help us make the right choice for our family. I have recommended Lisa to all of my friends and family as she is a top notch realtor. - user4407879

Lisa was very familiar with the real estate market in St Charles county. The home staging was exceptional. Her work elicited many positive remarks from friends who saw the home when it was ready to show. - ender2ka

Lisa was very helpful, she made the process of moving from out of state as simple as possible, she kept our best interest in mind at all times. Lisa was always just a quick phone call away from answering any questions we had. -user034072

I have used Lisa twice in the past 9 years, once to buy a home and most recently to sell a home. Each time was a real pleasure. In the most recent home sale, Lisa did a great job of sharing with us a market overview and subsequent competitive inventory assessment, of helping us to stage our home for maximum buyer impact, of suggesting improvements/enhancements to the home to increase seller appeal, of marketing the home through conventional and state of the art media to generate traffic and finally in keeping us updated on buyer activity and feedback. We sold our home in a very reasonable time window and at a fair price given the current real estate market and the number of competing properties. Lisa worked overtime to help us generate a sale, and was a real gem to work with throughout the process. Her knowledge of the local market is unsurpassed. I would use her again in a heartbeat! - user0994070

Working with Lisa was a complete enjoyment, she became a friend very fast. Selling our family home was a difficult choice and she showed sincere patience while we took the necessary time we needed, but when it was time for work to begin she was eager to help with both staging ( which i truley believe her trendy touches help sell our house) and wise decisions on decluttering 35 years of acquisitions. If I had to put a star on one thing it was Lisa's negotiating skills. She remained professionaly calm and let us know her goal was to get the true market value for the house and was not going to let a tough market negotiate a hasty decision. Lisa did a great job representing our family and would recommend her to any family who realize the delicate change, letting go of home and passing the precious treasure chest of memories to another family. - user3422725

I was very impressed & pleased with Lisa's advise, staging, & the whole transaction process in selling my parent's home. It took some time & hard work for me to fix-up the house to get it ready to list & I wish I had contacted Lisa from the very beginning as she may have been able to save me more time & money. Once on the market, we had an offer in only 5 days & at a price that exceeded my expectations. That made it very worthwhile for me putting in the work to fix it up. But it was Lisa's expertise in website marketing, her photographer, negotiating skills, staging, etc., which made the whole process happen quickly & smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised & very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Lisa & I will use her again for any future real estate services. - user9673141

From the first phone conversation with Lisa; we knew she would be the person to get our home sold in an adverse market. After about an hour conversation with her, we were very satisfied with her knowledge of the field and her realistic expectations.

When we finally had the pleasure to welcome Lisa into our home; we once again were made to feel at ease and at no time did we ever feel pressured into anything. She thoroughly went through all the documents and forms with us and made sure to answer any questions we had before leaving that evening.

As an added bonus, Lisa helped to stage our home as well to present it to buyers in the best possible light. Even though the staging pieces were minor, we really appreciated how it brought a clean, fresh look to our home. We believe that this extra service offered was what help sell our home so quickly in 33 days!

We cannot thank Lisa enough to her countless service and dedication; it was truly appreciated! When you select Lisa, she is not only your agent, but a friend looking out for your best interests.

Thanks again Lisa and if we find ourselves back in Saint Louis in the years to come, we will definitely be calling you! - KathyShelby Schubert

Success in real estate is often tied to three “L”s: Location, Location, Location. Based on our recent experience, to ensure success we would recommend two additional “L”s – Lisa Loveless. Her assistance in our recent home purchase and sale was invaluable. We were adamant about finding the right new house before considering putting ours on the market. Lisa listened and demonstrated a deft touch in assisting us, striking the perfect balance of being attentive and available, but never pushing or pressuring us. Once we found a house, her recommendations on negotiations were extremely helpful, primarily because of her fact-based market analysis. Likewise, in pricing our home for sale, she again used market data and her insightful analysis to assist us in arriving at a pricing strategy that proved to be very successful. As we prepared our home for the market, we really recognized the benefit of working with Lisa. She provided valuable recommendations that helped us stage our home for maximum appeal. In addition, whether the need was electrical, carpentry, plumbing, carpet cleaning, etc. she had a ready network of experienced professionals ready to assist. Also, as one of Lisa’s clients, you will benefit from the respect she has earned from her peers and the strong business relationship she has with mortgage lenders and title companies -- they will literally bend over backwards to help you because you are working with Lisa. Further, throughout the course of our sale and purchase, Lisa’s knowledge of the process and attention to detail ensured everything went flawlessly. Overall, we are extremely grateful for Lisa’s help and give her the highest recommendation. -user9240454

Lisa was very cordial and affable in her approach to her customers and very professional in her dealing. She has a never-say-no attitude that really helped us to get some extensions on the closing dates so the loan could go through without any hitches. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone looking for a home.

Thanks a lot, Lisa for helping us get our lovely home. - Kishore Bobbadi

Lisa Loveless has been our Realtor since 1996, helping us sell and purchase our last three homes. Although a very friendly and caring person, Lisa is extremely professional and takes her job very seriously. With the many years of training and experience that are behind her, she was able in each case to accurately analyze our home in order to set the best asking price. She made suggestions to make it look spacious, warm and inviting for showings. Lisa beautifully and amply advertised it, and treated us with the utmost respect in the process. The end results were always a contract with the purchase price we wanted within a favorable time for our needs. If we should move again, we would certainly call Lisa to sell our home, and highly recommend her to any serious seller. She will work for you! - Charlie & Jill Le Blanc

Lisa, thank you for your patience and good attitude. We will look forward to working with you again in the future. - Gregg and Brenda Clark
You have been nothing less than WONDERFUL throughout this transaction. I have been in sales/customer service for the past 15 years (22 years if you count the lemonade stand I operated each summer as a youngster) your sales skill and your devotion to customer service far exceeds the standards and benchmarks of this day and age. You have earned a client for life. If we EVER hear of anyone looking for a Realtor, we’ll be sure to refer him or her to the best! Thanks again for all your help! - Reid and Gina Sullivan 
Lisa did a good job for us! She sold two properties our family owned in St. Louis, in a timely manner. Since we live in Houston, TX, we went to the internet and selected Lisa to assist us with our complexes situation, Lisa under promised, but over-delivered. We give her a 10+ in problem solving, knowledge and attitude. We would recommend her and would use her again! Mr. & Mrs. Bob Conzelman 
We’ve explained to others our experience with you was top notch from day one. You eased us into the process of “shopping” for a home. You gave incredible insight into areas & desirable qualities of a home. Throughout the process, your product knowledge, confidence and professionalism shined through, while we felt we were developing a friendship beneath it all. You continued to bat for us until the end; we thoroughly enjoyed you throughout the journey. - Tim & Diane Wurdack 
Now that we have closed on our fantastic new home in the Chesterfield area, my wife and I would like to let you know how happy and grateful we are for the dedication and support we received from Lisa throughout the search, contract negotiation and closing phases. We would recommend your team without hesitancy to anyone moving or wanting to sell their home! - Steve & Carrie Brewer 
I am writing on behalf of my experience with Lisa Loveless. Lisa's attitude, commitment to my goals and desires, and overall service is more than I can say most of my employees have ever been capable of delivering. I had a rather unique experience in purchasing my condo, one in which everything that could have gone wrong with my lender did. Bear in mind that the lender I chose was NOT the lender recommended by Lisa. I am one who believes that character is better demonstrated when life events do NOT go well, and so I was privileged to see Lisa in action when a crisis (or so it seemed to me) was at hand. She was both calm and cool, and literally fought for me when it was not necessarily her responsibility. I am more than satisfied with my purchasing decision, and am completely confident that we found the best fit at the best price for me. I highly recommend you use Lisa and feel comfortable that there is no need to shop around for another realtor. - Christopher Heerdegen
Words cannot express our gratitude to you. Your gift of kindness, compassion, knowledge, sincerity and determination has been such an example. You make me want to be a better person. You helped me keep things in perspective and I thank you. Thank you for taking such great care of us. We feel truly lucky and spoiled to have worked with you. You helped us find a beautiful home that we love, and will fit our needs. Thank you for your knowledge and advice. Thank you for your patience and friendship. You have made this experience a positive one. You are such a beautiful person and your inner spirit makes your countenance radiate even more. Thank you for making such an impact on our lives. We are grateful to have met you. We look forward to working with you in the future. - Randy & LeAnn Lomax 
You were very attentive what we needed being in another state. We were glad you there to take care of us at closing and writing the contract. You knew and thought of things we wouldn't have. We will never be "For Sale by Owners". - Allen & Deon Bryant
Lisa is knowledgeable, forthright, professional, kind, caring, thorough, communicative, attentive to detail, and stays on top of every aspect of her real estate business. The outstanding brochure and excellent website presentation of our home were beautiful and made us feel very proud of the home we were selling. Her advice as to price, staging of our home and details to attend to make the selling of our home a pleasant experience. We had an exceptional circumstance in that we wanted to sell 2 acres of our 6 acres to our neighbors. Lisa was insistent from the start that we get the 2 acre transaction in the works immediately. If she hadn't, it would have caused a delay in our sale or possibly even caused us to lose the contract on our other 4 acres and our home. - Steve and Trudy Schmidlap
You were very professional. You looked closely at my needs and looked for a home. - Cindy Kane
Lisa is always open and honest. Buying a new house is very stressful and we appreciated Lisa’s professionalism and enthusiasm in helping us through the process. - Steve & Richelle Trost  
Lisa, it was a pleasure and a relief to work with you in the sale of our home. Your commitment and patience were phenomenal through every twist and turn. We are only disappointed that you could not represent us on the purchase of our new home. You will always be a great success with that attitude! - Steve & Angie Myers
We want you to know how much we appreciate all the hard work you did to assist us in finding the perfect home during our relocation from Maryland to Missouri. It was hard to know where to begin with this process however, you were very accessible to us whenever we needed you, as well as cheerful and pleasant at all times. We chose you because you were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and agreeable. It was a pleasant experience from start to finish. - Kathy & Steve Crum
I feel that you brought a special energy to the table that I have not seen in the past from other realtors. This I think helps set you apart from the others. - Scott & Tanya Kliever
So many thanks for all your help and support! It was a real pleasure working with you. Your enthusiasm, passion and skills sets you apart from all the other Realtors we know. Your expertise in staging made the whole difference why our house sold so quickly. Your knowledge and kindness made the experience a very pleasant one, especially in these difficult times. We are constantly recommending you to everyone we know and we wish you all the very best. - Karina & Karl Osterfeld
Aside from the sale taking a bit longer than we anticipated (although it was just a bad time with how things were slowing down), it was a very smooth and hassle free process for us. It was nice to know that although we were out of state, everything was taken care of. - Ben & Christi Andress
You were great. You knew exactly what needed to be done & when. I’ve heard horror stories from friends my answer to them is always—You should use Lisa next time. - Penny Windsor
Thank you for getting the job done for us in such a tough real estate market! And, thank you for the decoration for our new home – that was very thoughtful. Thanks again for all your help. - Kevin & Kim Kottemann
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful gift, and for the gift certificate. I also just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the many words of encouragement you so eloquently offered when you probably wanted to pull your hair out instead. You truly have a special personal touch, and the real estate business is lucky to have you. How grateful we are to have an agent with such attributes. - Jim & Leigh Earley
You got it done after being stressed out with a bad realtor for 6 months. - Steve & Stephanie Johnson